Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you start your business you should hire a book-keeper. This way, you'll avoid errors and reduce headaches.

If you own a private limited company then you can employ a professional book-keeping service. Bookkeeping requires the use of double-entry journal accounting to ensure correctness of the Trial Balance. As a private limited company, the compliance, accountability and accuracy should be the same whether you have one member or fifty members.

A bookkeeper must maintain a full record of the profits and expenditures of your company for your fiscal year. At the other side, an accountant takes the bookkeeping data and produces the requisite tax enforcement records for the accounts. The danger here is that the bookkeeper 's work has a direct bearing on the accountant 's work.

Book-keeping is relatively affordable and crucial to your business success. It's important to keep an accurate record of your income and expenditures, so you can make the right decisions at the right time and thus minimize preventable loss. Small businesses are especially vulnerable in this area as they perceive great compensation from this exercise but underestimate the true value of labour and materials required. You would be better off with a bookkeeping service that will accept your receipts every two months and keep you profitable.

Our App is very user friendly. When you login our App Manager will guide you for all the onboarding formalities. This will include below:
1. Selecting Services
2. Selecting a payment plan
3. Selecting the accountant from options given
4. Selecting mode of document submission

You only have to upload the required documents on the 3-tier secured cloud server dedicated only to you.

You will receive an email updating the status of your tax returns as per statutory timelines.

You can leave an inquiry on the website or get in touch with us at

Munim offers standard packages which range from Rs. 2,999 - Rs.14,999 per month. (Beyond which we can even offer customized solutions). It all depends on the number of business transactions undertaken during the month, number of employees & annual turnover. We are happy to offer you a package of services which suits your business needs.

You can make a payment through internet banking modes credit/debit cards , Net banking , Wallet & UPI.

You will be registering with a unique e-mail/ mobile number and every time you logout you will need an OTD sent to your unique e-mail/ mobile number which is solely for your company's documents and we can assure you that any unauthorised access to your data shall be denied. Your financial details are of much importance and priority for all of us as a team. Thus our IT policy and confidentiality policies ensure that every details are safe and secure with us to be used only for intended purpose only.

You can e-mail us at for all the support that you need.