How Munim works

Team Munim will ensure that you experience an impactful yet very simple methodology, but at same time we don’t compromise on the quality as timelines as committed by us.

We are Digital

We just require the documents and details to be uploaded on our portal/ or being send to us by various modes like email/ WhatsApp/ Shared Drives. We also have courier facility just in case you are not so Tech savvy.

Allocation of a dedicated team member

One of our team member, supervised & reviewed by an experienced and trained team leader will have allocated for your entity.

Documents Analysis

Our team will then analyse your documents & details and make necessary entries into books of accounts according to your submission and clarifications.

Clarifications & approvals

In case of any clarifications & queries we will send you the details required via email/ WhatsApp/ Shared Drives/ portal, if required will give you a call order to get same resolved & clarified. Post your clarification will be send you details for your due approval.

Sharing of MIS & reports

Once the details are being approved from your end our team member will proceed for the generation of the respective MIS & Reports to be shared to you on monthly basis.

Hassle free & timely compliances

Post your confirmation we will prepare the requisite compliance returns and fillings that will be send for necessary tax deposition/ approval. Post your approval we will file the Returns.